• You've discovered the home of Yogueta. Come and discover a
    rainbow of flavour and oodles of fun!

    Thanks for loving Yogueta!

    Yogueta has been voted one of the top 2 coolest lollipop by kids
    in this year's Sunday Times Generation Next Survey. In fact, we've featured in the top four for the last seven years. We're glad that we're still making lollipops you love!

    • Yogueta Assorted

      All your favourite flavours in one fruity mix: creamy strawberry, blackberry, pineapple and mandarin with a chewy centre.

    • Yogueta Split

      The world's yummiest dessert wrapped up in a lollipop! Creamy vanilla, strawberry, and banana swirled together with a chewy chocolate centre.

    • Yogueta Magic

      Enjoy a burst of supernaturally delicious flavour with Yogueta Magic: a multicoloured lollipop with a yummy strawberry centre.

    • Yogueta Juicy

      It doesn’t get juicier – enjoy your favourite red berry and grape flavours!

    • Yogueta Mango Tango

      Mmmm…. Mmmango! A burst
      of delicious creamy, tropical
      fruit flavour melts down to
      a chewy mango centre.

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  • Yogueta lollipops are made by Aldor, We've been in the sweet business for nine years. Our home is in Colombia, but so many South African kids love Yogueta that we've opened up a factory right here in Roodepoort! Soon we'll be making three million lollipops a day – imagine how long that would last you!

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    1338 Staal Road, Stormill Extension 2, Roodepoort